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Photo: Emilio Mesa

Photo: Emilio Mesa

For Now is an original music project led by vocalist/composer Isabel Crespo. They blend modern jazz harmony, thought-provoking lyrics, and intricate melodies to create a nuanced sound. They explore the personal and the political, turning complex situations into musical vignettes.
      The quintet met while studying at the University of North Texas, a leader in jazz education worldwide, and in 2016, the project was born. Each member of For Now is a skilled musician and composer in their own right, and brings openness and versatility to the project. This allows the ensemble to seamlessly fluctuate between intimate ballads and aggressive up-tempo compositions. Their performances are dynamic, carefully weaving improvisations and composed material, and striving for new ways of unfolding the personal experience.
      Their debut album, Elsewhere, was released Spring 2018. Unconstrained by genre, Elsewhere combines wordless vocals, counterpoint, and heavy drum grooves to create cohesive and varied arrangements. In addition to the quintet, Crespo arranged several songs to include woodwinds, brass, percussion, an additional vocals. For Now’s debut album is a reflection on the ever-changing nature of life, and it seeks to represent the current state of affairs, personal and otherwise. They are currently working on their second full-length album, to be released in 2019.

Isabel Crespo | Composition & Vocals
Skyler Hill | Guitar
Ben McDonald | Keyboard
Mike Luzecky | Bass
Matt Young | Drumset